A Once Happy And Jovial Dog Now Cries Himself To Sleep Every Night After He’s Surrendered To A Kill Shelter

The Carson Animal Shelter is not a place that any animal wants to end up, as this high kill facility does not provide dogs and cats with a high chance of survival.

These animals do not have very long to find a family and if they are not adopted within a few weeks; they are put to sleep for good. Great Dane Gonner was just one year old when he arrived at the shelter and the stakes were very high for the little pup.

He was already learning about the cruelties of life; as his owner was unable to take care of him anymore and surrendered him to the shelter, not caring about the ramifications of this choice.

He was once a happy and jovial creature, but now he is sad all of the time and is typically seen moping inside of his cage.

The poor puppy has very little hope and all he can do is cry and wait for someone to take pity on him; providing with a forever home that he can finally call his own…..


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