Dog Tied Up In Woods With No Water, No Food, Left To Suffer!

No one likes to be on their own but to be left to suffer, without water or food, this German Shepard barked and she desperately tried to call for help!

Tied up in a remote place, how long would she really survive without food or water, she waited in vain for her owner to return and get her, but every moment was a disappointment.

She barked and barked, desperate to not give up hope, to still imagine that she would be heard eventually by anyone.

Then a nearby resident, near enough to just about hear the barking, heard her frantic cries for help!

The animal control officer, Alex Kelly, said: – “I got a call from one resident who said that there was a dog tied somewhere in the back of their building, and the dog was hollering and screaming all night long”

“…So I asked her, ‘How long has the dog been hollering, and barking?’ And she said, ‘I’m going to be honest with you, the dog’s been back there at least three days.’”

Alex arrived pretty fast to meet the person who called it in, as they went to check out what was going on, there was no dog?

Looking all around Alex saw a head peeking out, behind a bush across the river ahead of them.

Alex Crossed the river and looked all around the apartment complex, but there was no one who seemed to admit to knowing anything about the dag.

Alex said:

“When I got around there and went in the back, nobody wanted to come out, nobody wanted to say whose the dog was. They didn’t want to get involved”

Alex found after a long search, the dog who was in a terrible state, very scared and shaky too. She was tied to the tree with a thick cable and a plastic dog house.

As he got close to her, Alex saw that the cable was wrapped her legs too, adding pressure to her leg, it was awful.

Alex said:

“Had it been another day or so, the circulation in her leg would have been cut off, and she probably would have ended up losing the limb”

Alex slowly gained her trust and captured her with a neck snare to hold her so he could free her from the ties.

He also disposed of the crate and dog bowls, no one was going to use them for this again he must have thought!

Alex said:

“I put on a leash, and she was perfect …She’s a nice dog. She’ll make someone a nice pet.”

She was given the name Genesis to mark a new beginning, after such an awful start to her life, she was taken to the Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter.

The shelter wrote in a Facebook post:

“It’s obvious that Genesis has been bred in the past and likely made her own a great deal of money with her adorable puppies, yet this is how she was repaid”

“…That is all a thing of the past now, as we will help her to put her terrible past out of her mind and focus on her future.”

After all her bad treatment Genesis still loves people, she is super eager to show her love to someone, she is a little shy, who could blame her for that though!

The shelter wrote:

“Within minutes of knowing you, she nudges her head against your hand and wants you to pet her …If you should stop, she’ll nudge you again for more attention.”

Very soon after a family fell in love with her and they were a really perfect match, well done Genesis, you can have your life back and the second chance you deserve!


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